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Exam schedule 1st Year (Session 2016-18)
Exam schedule 1st Year (Session 2016-18)
Result of first year (Session 2015-17)
University Exam Result 2014-15
 B.Ed. Result is coming soon session 2014-15.
Admission Notice 2015-17
Admission Notification 2015-17



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Routine for Online Classes - B.Ed 1st year (2019-21)
Routine for Online Classes -D.El.Ed. 1st year (2019-21)
Class Code For B.Ed. 1st Year :- 
C-01 : 3ci45pt
C-02 : t7neloy
C-03 : rwawb2y
C-04 : gc2hskp
C-05 : 4mrkjlk
C-06 : mfi7ecr
C-7a : xzjgfxs
EPC-01 : d3l6fmb
EPC-02 : eh4cmdi
EPC-03 : koao3cj
Class Code For D.El.Ed. 1st Year :-
F-01 : 4o53vbk
F-02 : vknoz3h
F-03 : sdjboml
F-04 : admj3tu
F-05 : 3vs7qr5
F-06 : cli5z3l
F-07 : 3klvjrb
F-08 : sm3hepx
F-09 : yvqa53j
F-10 : 36jv2zc
F-11 : eqbj7cr
F-12 : 7xo5h5
Routine for Online Classes - B.Ed 2nd year (2018-20)
Routine for Online Classes -D.El.Ed. 2nd year (2018-20)
D.El.Ed. 2nd Year (2018-20) Class Code B.Ed. 2nd Year (2018-20) Class Code
D.El.Ed. 2nd Year (2018-20) Class Code :-
S-01 : u73s2ya
S-02 : dpqipqe
S-03 : eredqy7
S-04 : hhp5pcf
S-05 : mppyol6
S-06 : p4ufiax
S-07 : sodmdx2
S-08 : iwm5uqu
S-09 : 3jwnbzp
& B.Ed. 2nd Year (2018-20) Class Code :-
C-7b : pgwwtfr
C-08 : hnr7n3x
C-09 : nwcqggz
C-10 : h33zjpg
C-11 : wpw3n4q
EPC-04 : ojdkpw7
Welcome St. Paul Teachers Training College Birsinghpur  

Continuing our zest to promote Education  , Parmeshwar Neeta Educational Trust is focused on teaching and learning. A pioneer in education space with over a decade of experience in teaching and learning for teacher and students , we at PNET strongly believe in leveraging the use of information, communication and Technology to enhance the learning and teaching experience in schools while cultivating educational practioners to become smart thinkers. This Trust has been founded on the same philiosophy to aid us in realizing our larger dream of spreading the light of knowledge.
Our Teacher Training and School Education programme enables teachers who have no, little or some teaching experience, with technology tools and effective pedagogy techniques to make the teaching-learning experience in the classroom effective and enjoyable


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