1. Providing wholesome and quality food at reasonable price.
  2. Creating an attractive and different menu to cater the nutritional needs of the students.
  3. Developing good and healthy food habits among students.
  4. Maintaining a good ambience and good aesthetics of the canteen.
  5. The canteen is primarily responsible for serving nutritious and hygienic food to the students and staff. It also serves meals to the students residing in the campus.


  1. The cell should ensure a healthy and safe work environment for the canteen staffs and housekeeping staffs.
  2. The cell should counsel and motivate employees on various duties.
  3. Developing good and healthy food habits among students.
  4. Canteen cell should monitor the hygiene and quality of food served in the canteen.
  5. The cell should ensure smooth and proper functioning of the canteen and housekeeping on daily basis.
  6. The cell plans, controls and evaluate the needs of the canteen for achieving long and short terms goals.
  7. The cell should decide the menu and items to be sold in the canteen.
  8. The cell should take referendum regarding mess food, service, prices of items in canteen.
  9. The cell should make every effort to make sure that wastage of food is reduced to a Minimum
  10. The cell should see to it that the Canteen Caterer and housekeeping in-charge takes appropriate and prompt actions on the complaints by inmates.
  11. The cell should ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety and aesthetics of the college premises.