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The Institute

Parmeshwar Neeta Educational Trust is committed to excellences. It has developed a strong network of result-oriented educational institutions in Bihar its latest addition is St. Paul Teachers Training College Birsinghpur, an education college in lush green campus besides river Gandak at Samastipur Dharbanga state Highway. The college is equipped for higher education with independent full- fledged most modern infrastructure. SPTTC has vision to be a symbol of quality education. Various education programmes are tuned up to the quickly changing trends and needs of teaching methodologies. Future experts to be produced by SPTTC are going to face the fierce competition with a global perspective and new ideas. With this in mind, the college has incorporated the latest trend with upgraded programmes and methods of teaching This further strengthens the resolve of the college to keep continuous quest for excellence with continuous improvement in all fields for quality education. Aims and objects of the institute always keep us focused. We want to create an atmosphere where our students achieve all-round success for themselves and leave their foot prints for the coming generations to follow. The newly built Teachers Training College where you will feel at home and learn a lot in different fields, may it be education or spirituality, as the campus has been developed and shaped with this point of view only.