Aims and Objectives:

  1. A major objective of the research committee in colleges is to promote research in order to help the teachers in upgrading the pedagogies, teaching content and upgrading the course contents.

  2. To facilitate research in a manner where it supplements and consolidates the teaching-learning process.

  3. The research committee also helps the teachers in strengthening their own research skills and working towards discovery of new ideas and concepts.

  4. The committee organizes methodology workshops, training sessions and talks and seminars


  1. Develop the research infrastructure and capabilities of the College. This will require dedicating a certain amount of soft and hard infrastructure towards creating a research atmosphere in the College.

  2. Promote and encourage research in certain thematic areas identified by the College. The research will be conducted either by the College faculty or visiting scholars and fellows. This will require developing a medium- and long-term research agenda and strategy.

  3. Provide an ethical framework and quality control mechanism for the research work carried out in the College.

  4. To create a conducive environment for promotion of Research & Innovation activities in the institute.

  5. To encourage faculty members to apply for Major, Minor Research Projects, Incubation, Design and innovation Centers.

  6. To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of Research & Innovation activities at the institute.

  7. To promote collaborative research.